China stands for everything we oppose and opposes everything for which we stand. Still, polling data indicates that most Americans don’t see them as an enemy.

“We are facing a crisis deterrence dynamic right now that we have only seen a few times in our nation’s history. The war in Ukraine and China’s nuclear trajectory — their strategic breakout — demonstrates that we have a deterrence and assurance gap based on the threat of limited nuclear employment.” Admiral Charles Richard warned the Senate on May 4th 2022, that we may be staring down an existential threat.

Why We Should Oppose China

In 2009, riots broke out in Urumqi, the capital of a province in China known as Xinjiang. Cultural differences had long been a source of conflict in the region. The Turkic national identity was never compatible with Chinese mores. However, 2009 lit the fuse when Chinese Han accused Uyghurs of workplace sexual harassment en masse. Clashes between the two ethnic groups ended the lives of two Uyghurs. The group demanded investigations into Chinese police and peaceful protests became violent. China isolated the region from all communications until 2010 and eventually emptied the streets of Uyghurs leaving nothing but dust and echoes.

China viewed the Uyghurs and their religious beliefs as a threat to their civilization. Rather than prosecuting individual cases, they cracked down on an entire ethnic group. In the early 1940’s no one did anything about the Holocaust despite widespread knowledge it was happening. When did China’s genocide start again? 8 years ago in 2014. Not only are we letting it happen but we even hosted our Olympics there.

If all that wasn’t enough, take their horrific lockdown of Shanghai. They suspend civil liberties on a whim and filter every piece of information that comes in and out of their country. Even Democrats should hate China. They shut down any discussion of LGBTQ issues or any of the other leftist holy sacraments. And yet where is the animus?

Every American has ample reason to hold a fiery indignation against this beast in the east.

How Americans Actually Feel

According to the latest Pew polling data, only 25% of Americans even view China as an enemy. This is down from 35% in January. 70% of Americans view their ally, Russia, as our enemy, but very few, only a quarter of Americans would put China in that category. Americans are split on The US and China as the world’s leading economic power. Both options garnered 43%. For reference, China’s number was 32% as recent as 2020. However, 67% of Americans view Chinese influence as a major threat.

So Americans think China is a threat but they don’t consider them an enemy. The fact that the number of Americans who view China as an enemy is decreasing should be the greatest cause for concern. Why would that be? Well, for one, there aren’t many categories where we’re any better. Locking down cities? We’ve done it. Suspending civil liberties? We’ve done it. Draconically restriction information exchange? Say hello to our ministry of truth. The real tragedy at the heart of this madness is horrifyingly simple: America has forsaken principle.

We stand on the brink of a precipice. If China invades Taiwan, another world war is a distinct possibility. If that happens, we need to unite. In order to unite, we have to believe in something.