Both Democrats and Republicans posted massive fundraising gains in the first quarter of what will surely be an expensive election year.

Although the national Democratic committee outraised its Republican counterpart by over $10 million, the GOP had the edge in state committees.

The Republican State Leadership Committee and partner organization the State Government Leadership Foundation raised just over $10 million, while the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee raised $6.5 million.

Outside groups on the Republican side raised far greater amounts than Democrat groups.

The Republican Congressional Leadership Fund raised over twice the Democratic House Majority PAC and House Majority Forward organization, $37.5 million to $16 million.

The Republican Women for Women Action Fund also had its highest earning quarter with $4.6 million raised.

On the Democrat side, progressives saw big gains over more moderate primary opponents.

For example, progressive Texas House candidate Jessica Cisneros raised over twice her centrist opponent. Pennsylvania State primary candidate John Fetterman also raised roughly double his moderate opponent, Conor Lamb.

Very progressive candidates risk losing independent and moderate voters during the general election.