Amid ongoing global and domestic crises, the Biden administration decided to announce hundreds of new strategies Thursday across over 90 federal agencies.

The strategies are meant to improve federal policies for underserved communities. They are the result of an executive order President Joe Biden signed upon taking office that has taken until now to produce results.

Domestic policy adviser Susan Rice and budget director Shalanda Young hosted an event to discuss the changes.

Some of their enthralling examples include the Justice Department’s efforts to improve language access so people who speak languages other than English can report crimes more efficiently and the Department of Homeland Security’s work to remove discomforts faced by transgender travelers at airports.

Notably lacking was an overhaul of the policing system, which is an issue of grave concern to progressive Democrats and often brought up in the context of underserved communities.

“The President knows we can have a criminal justice system that protects public safety and upholds the founding ideals of equal treatment under law. We continue to press for both of those,” a senior administration official said to the Wall Street Journal.