While the federal government continues to pursue marijuana prohibition, the states continue to lead. And one piece of legislation in California could pose the most serious challenge yet to the DC drug warriors.

The Tenth Amendment Center’s Mike Maharrey writes:

A bill introduced in the California Senate would allow the state to enter into agreements with other states to facilitate interstate marijuana markets despite ongoing federal cannabis prohibition.

Sen. Anna Caballero (D) introduced Senate Bill 1326 (SB1326) on Feb. 18. The proposed law would authorize the California governor to enter into agreements with other states authorizing marijuana activity between entities licensed under the laws of the other states and entities operating with a California state license.

In effect, the passage of SB1326 would open the door for interstate cannabis markets for California. This would expand the market by reducing barriers to entry and providing additional legal outlets for cannabis and cannabis products produced in California.

There are many steps ahead of this bill, and no guarantees it will become law. However, it represents a new way for the states to push reform, despite federal intransigence. It’s federalism at work, in this case, to bring an end to a major part of Uncle Sam’s drug war.