Worried that their programs and policies to transform America into a progressive paradise are going nowhere, fast, some congressional Democrats are asking Joe Biden to pick up his pen, and get busy issuing executive orders before the election:

Liberal Democrats in the lower chamber are so frustrated by Senate standoffs that they’re now imploring President Joe Biden to pursue as much of the party’s agenda as he can without them. They want him to sidestep the upper chamber, and the outsize influence its two Democratic centrists wield, to take executive action on everything from immigration reform to lowering gas prices.

It’s a remarkable pitch for a party that will retain full control of Washington, at least through the end of the year. But many lawmakers on the left — the progressive wing, the Black Caucus and even some members of leadership — say they have little choice after they’ve passed bills on almost every piece of Biden’s agenda, only to see them languish or outright die in the Senate.

And for many Democrats who are retiring or may lose their seats, this year is their last chance to see their priorities advance.

It’s really all about them, their priorities, and their careers.

Politics has always been a selfish business. But demanding rule by decree is taking selfishness to a new and disturbing level. But it does fit in with the authoritarian mindset that entrances and motivates so many on Capitol Hill.