One item not on the Biden administration’s economic agenda is tax reform. That’s no surprise, considering Team Biden’s default position has been to raise taxes, a lot, without a thought or care to whether the tax system needs an overhaul.

The Tax Foundation has done that heavy policy lifting, and put it all together in a report on reforms that would increase growth and opportunity.

Here’s an overview of their ideas for individual taxpayers:

Streamline social benefits: The complicated nature of today’s tax credit system presents an opportunity for reforms to simplify the filing process for taxpayers and administrators by consolidating child-related benefits into one provision and work-related benefits into another.

Remove tax barriers from personal saving: Just as Americans enjoy the benefits of saving for retirement through a 401(k) or Roth IRA, they should also be able to save for any purpose—e.g., to finance education, housing, a new business venture, or career transition—without getting penalized for it. Universal savings accounts (USAs) would apply the proper tax treatment to saving in general, with only one layer of taxation at the time of either contribution or withdrawal.

Clean up the structure of the individual income tax code: It is also possible to raise large amounts of revenue while cleaning up the structure of the individual tax code, resulting in a simpler, more neutral tax system across households. The revenue raised can be used to offset the cost of individual tax reforms, including permanent reductions of marginal tax rates.

Inflation index features of the tax code not indexed for inflation: Several individual income tax parameters remain unindexed for inflation, meaning higher levels of inflation can artificially increase individual tax burdens. Better inflation indexing across the individual income tax code will ensure the tax code is structured to account for inflation, though the income tax system itself is inherently prone to inflation-related issues.

There’s a lot more at the link. The bottom line: the current tax code is a mess, and it actively stands in the way of prosperity.