It’s no secret to supporters of limited government that Uncle Sam burst his constitutional fetters a long, long time ago and now reaches into almost every nook and cranny of private life.

We were reminded of just how far government’s reach has become in the president’s State of the Union Speech:

Biden delved into everything from the price of insulin to protecting Roe v. Wade, safeguarding kids from social media ads, lowering consumer prices, getting more Americans mental health services, ensuring better patient treatment at nursing homes, raising the minimum wage, subsidizing childcare, stopping drug trafficking, helping young transgender people reach their potential, creating manufacturing jobs, combating cancer, and more.

The truly sad thing about Biden’s laundry list is that it is incomplete. Not because he didn’t try to list all things he hopes to do. But rather because listing the things the state already does would take more air time than any network would allow.

It’s easy to say let’s cut government and make it work within the Constitution’s limits. But government’s growth is bipartisan – -and widely accepted in the public. Individuals like their particular programs (the problem is always with the other guy’s stuff). Until we are willing to admit that we don’t need — never mind can’t afford — an all-encompassing federal nanny, government will continue to get bigger. Right up to the moment where the bills for it all come due.