Pumping your own gas may seem like a no-brainer for most people. But in Oregon and New Jersey, you’re not allowed to do that. Why? A host of reasons, none of which make any sense, are offered. But in Oregon, there’s a possibility that pump freedom is on the way:

Under lawmakers’ H.B. 4151, gas stations with two or three pumps could make one of them self-service. Larger stations with four to eight pumps would have to maintain a minimum of two attendee-manned pumps. Businesses with nine or more pumps could make up to 60 percent of them self-service.

“This legislation will provide relief for gas stations struggling to remain open during labor shortages, for station attendants racing to serve waiting customers, and for drivers stuck in line at the pump,” said bill sponsor Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis (R–Albany) to KOIN. “It’s a win for every Oregonian.”

Okay, so it’s a series of baby steps toward what people in 48 other states can do with thinking twice. And yes, there’s opposition even to these tentative steps toward normalcy:

When The Oregonian asked its Facebook followers, “Would you pump your own gas if you could?” the reaction from many commenters was swift and negative.

“No, don’t want to. Nor do I want to see people lose their job,” wrote one man in response. “This law is heartless and being pushed by greedy firms that want to fire people and make more cash off of you.” “Nope!!” wrote another woman. “I appreciate having someone who is employed and knows what they’re doing, do it for me.”

They’ve never heard of “full service,” which still exists at filling stations across the country…where your choice, and not the state, says who fills your tank.