Missouri voters may get the opportunity to end marijuana prohibition in 2022. Both a petition drive to put a measure on the November ballot and a state legislative effort to do the same are underway.

According to the Tenth Amendment Center:

Rep. Shamed Dogan (R) pre-filed House Joint Resolution 83 (HJR83) on Dec. 1. If passed, the resolution would put a constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana on the ballot for the 2022 general election in November.

Under the proposed amendment, adults over 21 would be able to purchase, possess, and cultivate marijuana. It would make it illegal for state funds to go toward the policing of federal marijuana prohibition, and do away with civil asset forfeiture against citizens engaged in legalized marijuana activities. A process would also be created for the potential expungement of previous non-criminal offenses. Tax revenue would go toward veteran services, infrastructure campaigns, and treatment programs.

There is also a grassroots effort to get marijuana legalization on the ballot. Legal Missouri 2022 recently launched a campaign to get 171,592 valid voter signatures – enough to get their own legalization measure on the ballot without the vote of the legislature. The same organization got a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot in 2018.

Both positive developments for the cause of freedom, criminal justice reform, and common sense. A both approaches are necessary, given congressional dithering on the idea and life-long drug warrior Joe Biden’s opposition to legalization.