The Department of Transportation has decided it doesn’t have enough to do, so it’s decided to fill the idle hours posting memes on social media lobbying for the passage of legislation.

A recent example: a cartoon posted to Twitter extolling the combined benefits of the disaster that was the Build Back Better act and the recently passed infrastructure bill.

It’s right up there with the Obama-era “Pajama Boy” meme that encouraged young people to go home for the holidays, and promptly ruin them with tedious debates about health care.

The Transportation Department’s text meme, however, was promptly (and sometimes hilariously) roasted in the comments.

On the more policy-oriented  front, Randal O’Toole writes:

My own response is to feel sorry for anyone who thinks that the infrastructure bill will do anything about making it easier to get from place to place. Most of the transportation dollars in the bill will be spend on programs that most Americans never use, and too much money in the bill will be spent making it more difficult for people to get from place to place (in order to discourage driving).

Which makes the entire exercise of pairing an infrastructure bill that makes travel more difficult with a social spending bill that was a monument to budget gimmicks all the more pathetic.

And very on-brand for Mr. Biden’s Department of Transportation.