Democrats are still sorting through the results of the 2021 elections, looking for reasons why the party lost so much ground in a blue-trending state like Virginia, and how to prevent a complete wipeout in 2022’s congressional mid-terms.

One new finding – that should surprise no one: Democrats need to stop focusing on the past, and worry about the big issue’s on voters’ minds right now:

[A report from the] Democratic think tank Third Way and ALG Research, also laid out issues Democrats are likely to face in upcoming midterm and other elections, citing a “weak national brand” and an electorate that remains convinced the economy is doing poorly, despite several reports that show job gains, higher wages and other improvements amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Voters are unhappy with the direction of the country and don’t think we get it,” the report stated. “They aren’t hearing solutions from us, they don’t think we’re doing anything to address the big issues (lack of workers + rising prices), and in general they just aren’t seeing the smoother ride they thought they’d get after having voted out Trump.”

In other words, voters are in a “what have you done for me lately?” state of mind. Like they usually are.

Democrats are busily touting the benefits of the recently-passed infrastructure bill, never mind that those benefits, if they materialize, won’t do so for several years. In short, those new spending programs won’t help in the short term…if at all.

The one thing Democrats say they have learned?

“But we do know that if our most-effective message in 2022 is that Republicans = Trump, we’re going to get creamed.”

As well they should.  Run a campaign based solely on fear and voters will tune you out and give the other party a chance to do something. It’s a simple lesson that needs to be reinforced at the ballot box every few years.