While it’s usually a good idea to take internet calls for action with a grain of salt, some are more interesting, and timely, than others.

Consider one that’s bubbling up on the the r/antiwork subreddit. The call to action: a general strike on Black Friday among workers who’ve had enough of the man and his rules:

Posters there are currently organizing “BLACKOUT BLACK FRIDAY,” a general strike for retail and hospitality workers that has already gone viral. This raises the question of whether a subreddit can become a broader ideology, and whether the ideology can then become a legitimate political force aligned with an already resurgent labor movement that often valorizes work.

“They can’t fire all of us. General strike on Black Friday, November 26th! NO WORK! NO PRODUCTIVITY! NO SHOPPING!,” a flyer for Blackout Black Friday reads.

 And add to that “no paycheck.”

Look: It’s every American’s right to complain about their job, and there are plenty more who just want to relax on the day after Thanksgiving.  Nothing wrong with that.

Just don’t expect an anti-work movement that’s all about you living your best life to gain much sympathy from folks who’ve got bills to pay and responsibilities to meet.