Following up on James Carville’s rant against rampant wokeness in the Democratic party….there’s plenty of evidence from the Nov. 2 results, the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake writes, to prove that the party’s far left wing is in no way popular with voters at-large:

Speaking of comments that didn’t wear well on voters, there’s the whole “defund the police” movement that was spurred amid racial-justice protests — especially after George Floyd was murdered by police in Minneapolis. Democratic leaders seemed to pretty quickly recognize the problems with that talking point, and tried to nip it in the bud.

Election results in Minneapolis on Tuesday validated that position. A proposal to replace the Minneapolis police department with a public-safety department run by the city council failed by a strong margin — in a very blue city with that very recent past.

Meanwhile in Buffalo, democratic socialist India Walton, who pulled off a shocking upset of Mayor Byron Brown for the Democratic nomination, was losing by a wide margin to the write-in option, which seems very likely to be overwhelmingly composed of Brown voters.

While results like this aren’t likely to win over the hearts, minds, and megaphones of the converted, they absolutely will give pause (and heartburn) to the rest of the Democratic party. With primary season about to get underway, there could be real fights between the Democratic party’s moderate and progressive wings. Get your popcorn now…