Even as congressional Democrats scrounge the countryside looking for things they may have forgotten to tax, there are a handful of Democrats who aren’t so keen on taxes…and may actually see the benefit of cutting or eliminating them.

One such ray of sunshine comes from Colorado, where Democratic Gov. Jared Polis had this to say about the state’s personal income tax:

Gov. Jared Polis said he supports reimagining Colorado’s state tax structure to eliminate income taxes, as nine other states have done.

“It’s obviously easier said than done, but in effect when you tax something you penalize it,” the Democrat said during an appearance Friday at the conservative Steamboat Institute’s Freedom Conference, according to video of his appearance.

Asked by an event moderator what the state’s income tax rate should be, Polis said, “It should be zero. We can find another way to generate the revenue that doesn’t discourage productivity and growth and you absolutely can, and we should.”

These remarks were met with cheers from the conservative crowd.

“There’s things you actually want to penalize in society, like pollution might be one of them,” Polis said. “I would argue that smoking might be one of them — cigarette taxes, sin taxes, if there’s an applicable cost to people.

“So if we can move away from taxing income, which is something that you don’t want to discourage, because we want everybody to make income, we want companies to make income — that’s a great thing — to basing it on taxing pollution or carbon or something that we fundamentally don’t want, you’ll have a more pro-growth tax structure that gets the right incentives in place to help grow what you wanna grow and penalize things that are negative externalities.”

A Democratic governor talking about a zero personal income tax rate…externalities….pro-growth tax structures…perhaps Polis understands that leaving money people earn in their hands is the best way to ensure prosperity.