The Transportation Security Administration has bene off the national radar for a year or so, thanks to the coronavirus. But with more people travelling, the TSA is back in the news, and just like the old days, for all the wrong reasons:

…a TSA supervisor at Minneapolis – St. Paul was found to have taken photos of 42 young women being screened. However he’s only been charged with leaking surveillance video of a 9 year old boy riding the airport’s baggage carousel to the media.

The criminal complaint also alleges that 42 photos, taken over the course of a year by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent, show females on a closed-circuit monitor in various outfits, such as shorts, tight pants and tank tops.

…As to why no charges were expected in connection with the photos, Hogan said, “There are a number of factors that go into deciding what and how many charges to file, and we don’t want to get into specifics since this is an active case. The bottom line is that Airport Police were able to identify a pattern of behavior that supports the current charge.”

Since this is government work, he hasn’t been fired, and is merely on administrative leave pending the charges relating to the media leak.

The TSA remains as dysfunctional, invasive, and downright creepy, as always. It’s long past time to shut it down.