The Centers for Disease Control’s response to the coronavirus has not covered the agency with glory.  But after both public and congressional backlash over to timid, too confusing, and sometimes just awful guidance about masking, the CDC is sounding a qualified “all clear.”

At least for those who’ve been fully vaccinated:

Americans who are fully vaccinated can go without masks or physical distancing in most cases, even when they are indoors or in large groups, federal officials said Thursday, paving the way for a full reopening of society.

The change represents a huge shift symbolically and practically for pandemic-weary Americans, millions of whom have lived with the restrictions for more than a year. A growing number have complained they cannot do more even after being fully vaccinated and criticized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of being overly cautious.

There’s no more powerful incentive for people to get vaccinated than being able to return (with some exceptions) to a pre-COVID-19 life.

Well, Ohio’s $1 million lottery drawing for the vaccinated is pretty good incentive, too.

And yes, this means state and local governments should dismantle the bulk of the restrictions they’ve imposed on individual and group activity – because the vaccines work. Not doing so would be ignoring science.