While most Americans can’t wait for life to get back to normal after more than a year of coronavirus rules and prohibitions, some government officials are looking to make a few of those rules fixtures of everyday life.

In Michigan, for example, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration is working on new rules that would make mask-wearing permanent:

Under the draft rules, a gym, bowling alley or other covered facility that is full of vaccinated customers would still have to require its patrons to wear face masks. Also under the proposed rules, fans at sporting events would have to wear masks.

The proposed rules state that once the state health department’s epidemic orders, which also require face masks and limit gatherings, are rescinded, the agency “will examine the continued need for these COVID-19 rules.” Under current Michigan law, the Legislature effectively has no ability to halt state agencies from imposing new rules. The Legislature can delay the implementation of the rules.

Governing from a bureaucratic crouch is bad enough. Materially diminishing the value of vaccinations against coronavirus is utterly baffling. 

But as with war, it seems pandemics are also the health of the state – giving it fresh excuses to expand its powers at the expense of individual liberty and common sense.