Proponents of a petition drive to force a recall election of California Gov. Gavin Newsom say they have reached their two million signature goal:

Orrin Heatlie, Chairman of The California Patriot Coalition, RecallGavin2020 Committee said in a statement, “The People of California are speaking loud and clear. We have cleared another milestone. Politics as usual in California are over as we know it to be.”

About 1,500,000 signatures are needed to trigger a recall election under state law. From the start, organizers have set out with a goal of collecting 2 million signatures in order to assure they had enough verifiable submissions. The total number collected thusfar is 2,060,000, according to the campaign’s senior advisor Randy Economy.

It will take some weeks for local registrars to validate the signatures. A recall could occur sometime this fall – either in October or early November.

The last successful gubernatorial recall election in the U.S. happened in California in 2003, when incumbent Gray Davis was recalled and replaced with Republican Arnold  Schwarzenegger.