The political class is up in arms over the allegedly unchecked, unequalled, and supremely dangerous power of private companies – especially those involved in social media. The power of Facebook, Twitter, Google and others is, supposedly, greater than that of the government itself…and they must be brought to heel immediately.

The Tenth Amendment Center’s Michael Boldin writes this assertion is absolute nonsense:

The National Firearms Act of 1934 was not enacted by Instagram. And neither was the Gun Control Act of 1968. The social media platforms weren’t the0 ones enforcing gun control at record levels. That was Trump –the federal government.

Civil asset forfeiture is legalized theft. Government agents – cops, FBI, and the like do this – not TikTok.

I’m a big fan of the phrase #TaxationIsTheft. This is a good time to remind people that this is done by the IRS – and by companies that the IRS coerces into doing so.

It’s the federal reserve printing money out of thin air and destroying the last remaining shreds of value in the USD – Jack isn’t doing that.

I can guarantee you that Snapchat isn’t running the war on drugs. That’s government.

You know who executes “no-knock” warrants?  Police – Government agents. And they do it with the backing of federal government judges on the Supreme Court. Amazon isn’t doing that.

Speaking of police and the Supreme Court – who created “qualified immunity” out of thin air and forced it on all 50 states? No, it wasn’t social media. It was government.

Government power is very real, and moves to increase it are deeply troubling.