The war of words between progressives and the more moderate members of the House Democratic caucus is getting hotter.

A memo from a number of progressive groups says Democrats need to double down on the issues moderates say cost the party a number of close races, and spilled over into the party’s failures to take control of state legislatures in advance of redistricting.

According to the memo, Democratic leaders failed to invest in field operations and focused more on winning the suburbs than turning out their base voters in urban areas.

Progressives are also laying down markers for Joe Biden:

Though the family feud among Democrats has dominated most postelection headlines, progressives aren’t letting the criticism from their centrist colleagues hinder their push for power within the coming Biden White House.

A day before Biden was declared the winner, Sen. Bernie Sanders said he will introduce a 100-day agenda of his own into the Senate. “We’re going to have to do everything humanly possible to make sure that Congress and the new president move rapidly and aggressively to address the enormous crisis facing our country,” he said.

With a narrower House majority, Republicans still leading the Senate, and a woeful showing in state legislative races, progressives will soon have to confront an inconvenient truth: they have no leverage, and their demands are unlikely to go anywhere.

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