Away from the glare of the presidential election results is a big story about how Democrats overpromised and underperformed in congressional and state legislative races. The repercussions could last for at least a decade.

As Politico notes:  

It was a comprehensive failure for the Democrats’ hopes of replicating the big GOP victory in 2010, which reached far down into statehouses and allowed Republicans to dominate the redistricting process that gave them a structural advantage for the decade that followed.

There was a steep price tag for all that underperformance:

…the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee was on target to spend $50 million on their “Flip Everything” campaign aimed at state legislatures. In a valiant effort to put on a happy face, she said, “The spin that we’ve seen now is Democrats saying, ‘Well, you can’t lose something you didn’t have,’ but they did lose a lot of money in the process to have this showing in 2020.”

They will burn through even more money in the weeks ahead, as two U.S. Senate seats in Georgia will be decided in special elections this January.