Article from For Liberty by Norm Leahy.

A local health department order has kept private gyms in San Francisco closed for months, with no end in sight. But city-owned gyms that cater to city employees have remained open

The special treatment given city-owned facilities has left private sector gym owners furious:

“It’s shocking, it’s infuriating,” said Daniele Rabkin from Crossfit Golden Gate. 

She said she has done everything she can to keep her gym on Sutter Street alive.

“Even though they’re getting exposed, there are no repercussions, no ramifications? It’s shocking,” she said.

Local officials brushed off the criticism, despite an investigation showing government-owned facilities for police, judges, lawyers, and other court workers are open (though they are maintaining cleaning and social distance measures).

One gym owner said the city’s double standard does have an upside – it’s showed the mandatory closures should end immediately:

“What the city has unwillingly done is created this great case study that says that working out indoors is actually safe,” said [Dave] Karraker. “So at this point, we’re just demanding that they allow us to have the same workout privileges for the citizens of San Francisco that the employees of San Francisco have.”