Article from For Liberty by Norm Leahy.

As the major political parties fight over when and how to reopen the nation’s more than 13,000 public school districts in the fall, a number of parents are actively pursuing another option: homeschooling.

According to Kerry McDonald, some parents moving to homeschool their children “fear of the [coronavirus] itself is a primary consideration in delaying a child’s return to school.”

For others, McDonnell writes, it’s not the virus giving that’s making them reconsider government schools. It’s how the government is responding to the virus and “the real possibility that at any time schools could be shut down again due to virus spikes” that has them concerned.

Some public schools are pushing back against the homeschoolers, trying to make it more difficult for parents to withdraw their kids from the public school system:

“We see this across the country,” [T.J. Schmidt, a lawyer for the Home School Legal Defense Association] said. “I’ve had school officials attempt to prevent or dissuade parents from pulling their kids out.”

He said schools have been unable to process the paperwork to withdraw students from the public school system.

Another reason why some parents are looking more closely at homeschooling? Their experience seeing, first hand, what their kids are learning in public schools:

…it could be that many parents are getting a closer look at their children’s curriculum, some perhaps for the first time, and they are alarmed by what they see. They fear that quality of education they are seeing on their kids’ Zoom classes is emblematic of what’s normally offered.

Image Credit: BeenAroundAWhile at English Wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons