Article from For Liberty by Norm Leahy.

House Democrats have unveiled the largest and most expensive relief bill to date: a $3 trillion package that, according to reports, is “an expression of House Democrats’ priorities.”

In short: Democrats know it won’t become law, but will use it extensively on the campaign trail.

The 1800 page bill – called the “HEROES Act” — is scheduled to come to a vote Friday and would:

…devote nearly $1 trillion to state, local, territorial and tribal governments and establish a $200 billion “Heroes Fund” to extend hazard pay to essential workers. It would also send a second – and larger – round of direct payments to individual Americans, up to $6,000 per household.

Other parts of the bill would increase nutrition assistance benefits by 15 percent and provide $175 billion in housing assistance, among other things. A $600 weekly increase in unemployment insurance would be extended through January, and the bill directs another $75 billion for coronavirus testing and contact tracing.

Also buried inside: a bit of tech bling for House members:

$5 MILLION for the House to buy “House imaged laptops due to COVID-19. In addition, this funding will support an increase in inventory of satellite phone, Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots, and updated satellite bandwidth technologies to meet escalating demand of District Offices during COVID-19, as well as provide funding for the newly formed Select Committee that will provide oversight of the funds provided for coronavirus and economic aid.”

Republicans have already declared the legislation dead on arrival.