Article from For Liberty by Norm Leahy.

Stay-at-home orders and business shutdowns cover most of the nation. While the full economic toll of these orders may not be known for months, some are unwilling to wait.

Their response: filing lawsuits that either challenge the constitutionality of the shutdowns or seek compensation for the forcible closing of their businesses.

Some of the cases question the government’s shutdown orders and demand compensation for what they allege is an unconstitutional taking under the Fifth Amendment.

Others are heading to court seeking to compel their insurance companies to cover income losses.

And in Pennsylvania, there are growing concerns that Gov. Tom Wolf’s (D) administration played favorites when deciding which businesses could remain open and which would have to close.

According to an investigative report from Spotlight PA:

Thousands of businesses in Pennsylvania have closed under Gov. Tom Wolf’s unprecedented statewide shutdown to help slow the spread of coronavirus, but not the company that the Democratic governor once owned, or the business now owned by the Senate’s most powerful member.

Until now.

On Thursday, Wolf’s office said it had rescinded a waiver that had been issued to the governor’s former business, a kitchen and bath cabinet supply company in Central Pennsylvania, after Spotlight PA and PA Post inquired about how it qualified as “life-sustaining.”

Likewise, The Dan Smith Candy Company, owned by Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R., Jefferson) — which makes and sells candies, chocolates and other specialty items at stores in the northern part of the state — also closed its doors after inquiries from the news organizations.

Even in the midst of health emergencies, the political class can’t resist looking out for itself, and its cronies.

Image Credit: By St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons