Article from For Liberty by Norm Leahy.

One of our favorite economists, George Mason University’s Don Boudreaux, writes a note to a reader seeking his comment on the coronavirus. Prof. Boudreaux says he’s no public health expert, and so can’t offer a reasoned, informed comment.

But he does have this to say about his long-standing effort against a bug that’s more widespread and dangerous: the “economic-superstition virus.”

In the past 100 years alone, one especially deadly strain of this virus (namely, communism) killed 100 million people. And those whom this virus doesn’t kill it impoverishes –  witness the deprivation suffered still today by the people of Cuba and North Korea.

Fortunately, we Americans aren’t yet as widely infected as are the populations of some other countries with the most lethal strains of the economic-superstition virus. But traces of some of these strong strains of the virus are amongst us, and less-lethal but nevertheless debilitating strains are widespread now in the U.S. – and seemingly infecting more and more Americans daily. On the left rampages the democraticsocialismvirus. On the right looms the threat of a pandemic of the economicnationalismvirus. Untreated and uncontained, these strains of the economic-superstition virus will become increasingly lethal as they spread.

While we wish the good professor the best of luck and our support in his fight, it would be far better if the superstitious nonsense he combats were extinct.