Article from The Daily Wire by Hank Berrien.

A Time Magazine senior writer who covers sports has written an op-ed in which he decries the idea of parents letting their children watch football, declaring current knowledge of the possibility of brain damage suffered by players should preclude kids from watching the sport.

Sean Gregory writes of the 1980s and early 1990s, when he was growing up, “ … those were more innocent days. Back then, football fans were unaware of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the neurodegenerative disease associated with football brain trauma.”

Gregory has other, more political reasons he cites to buttress the position that his teenage son should not watch the sport, arguing:

But should I be O.K. with his watching the game? Don’t his eyeballs help support an enterprise that we know can damage its participants? This is on top of the laundry list of other reasons to tune out, like the stain of disturbing NFL domestic-violence incidents. Or the apparent blacklisting of a player, Colin Kaepernick, for a peaceful act of protest. Or a sudden dearth of African-American head coaches: three now, as opposed to seven in 2018. Around 60% of the NFL’s players are black. There are no African-American majority owners.

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