Article from The Daily Caller by Logan Hall.

A Tennessee man making a court appearance for possession of marijuana made a bold statement during his hearing Monday. Spencer Boston, 20, sparked up a joint in front of the entire room. Boston used some of his time addressing the judge to advocate for marijuana legalization before reaching in his pocket, pulling out a cigarette (believed to be filled with weed) and a box of matches, and lighting up in front of everyone.

The room immediately burst into laughter, WSMV reports. The risky act ended up landing him in jail on charges of disorderly conduct and simple possession of a schedule VI drug. His bond is set at $3,000.

Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan said the marijuana Boston smoked had a strong odor. Boston was trying to speak to the courtroom after he pulled the stunt, but officers took him into custody.

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Image Credit: By St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons