Article from The Daily Wire by Hank Berrien.

The number of background checks on gun purchases for Black Friday reached the second highest total in history, indicating that gun sales on Black Friday reached their second-highest total for any day in history. On Black Friday, the FBI ran 202,465 checks. As AP noted, the numbers of background checks “remain the most reliable method of tracking the industry.”

AP added, “By the end of November, more than 25.4 million background checks – generally seen as a strong indicator of gun sales – had been conducted by the FBI, putting 2019 on pace to break the record of 27.5 million set in 2016, the last full year President Barack Obama was in the White House.”

Professor Adam Winkler of UCLA commented, “As we´re coming up upon another presidential election, Donald Trump is vulnerable, and the Democratic presidential contenders are falling all over themselves to propose more aggressive gun reforms than their opponents.”

Mark Oliva, spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which represents the gun industry, added, “Americans are choosing to invest their hard-earned dollars in their ability to exercise their rights and buy the firearms they want before gun control politicians attempt to regulate away that ability.” He told Fox Business, “This tells us Americans are voting with their wallets when it comes to their ability to exercise Second Amendment rights. Interestingly, Americans are turning out to buy the firearms they want in increasing numbers even as politicians on the national stage and in some states are increasingly vocal on restricting Second Amendment rights.”

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Image Credit: By KAZ Vorpal (Flickr: Declaration of Independence, with Firearm) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons