Article from The Daily Wire by Hank Berrien.

Restaurateurs are avoiding opening new establishments in the City by the Bay and there’s a good  reason for their decision. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, numerous break-ins have occurred recently, plaguing restaurant owners. The Chronicle listed some examples:

Pine Tar Grill was burglarized three times in the first 16 months after it opened, costing the owner, Dave Martin, thousands of dollars and triggering his decision to close the diner. Martin told the Chronicle, “To balance everything out when it comes to the costs, I would have had to charge like $85 for a cheeseburger.”

Another example: bubble-tea chain Boba Guys has been hit with three break-ins in the past year, according to co-owner Andrew Chau. He stated on Instagram that San Francisco “is a shell of what it used to be — I’m a local, son of a retired Muni bus operator and Pacific Bell call center representative. I’ve seen this city transform into Gotham, and it makes me sad. It’s time for radical solutions that think long-term.”

Kim Alter, owner of Nightbird, attested that the restaurant had suffered from repeated vandalism attempts. She told the Chronicle, “No one wants to open a restaurant in San Francisco.”

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