Article from Reason by Cristian Britschgi.

San Francisco business owner Joey Mucha wants to convert an arcade repair shop he owns into a simple arcade and restaurant space, a use his property is already zoned for. Yet he has been stymied by neighborhood activists who argue that his project will further contribute to the gentrification of the Mission District.

With the help of the city’s notoriously cumbersome planning process, these activists have delayed Mucha’s project for months already, and they might succeed in killing it off entirely. Should that happen, his arcade will become yet another promising business idea snuffed out by a pervasive NIMBYism that is trying to freeze America’s cities in place.

“I’m hemorrhaging money at the moment to keep my employees on [and] to weather this storm,” Mucha tells Reason.”If this gets voted down, I will likely have to slim down my already-small business to survive, to support my family.”

Opposing Mucha’s plan is Kevin Ortiz—an activist affiliated with local anti-gentrification groups Cultural Action Network (CAN) and United to Save the Mission (USM)—who has asked the city’s planning commission to stop Mucha from setting up an arcade.

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