Article from The Daily Caller by Audrey Conklin.

A report released Monday by O’Melveny & Myers, the law firm hired by the D.C. Council to investigate the Democrat’s dealings, noted 11 examples of governing ethics violations by Evans since 2014, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Evans, D.C.’s longest-serving lawmaker and former chairman of the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMTA), “repeatedly participated in his official capacity in ‘particular matters’ in which his outside employers or his personal clients had direct financial interests, failing to recognize the inherent conflict that should have been disclosed and addressed,” the report stated, according to WaPo.

The councilman, 66, “received over $400,000 for doing little or no documented work for consulting clients most, if not all, of whom were also ‘prohibited sources’ under the Code of Official Conduct,” the report continued.

Evans used his prominent position in D.C. to support a complicated merger between two electrical companies while simultaneously trying to get a job at the law firm managing the merger and ended up getting the job, the investigation found. Council members are allowed to have outside jobs so long as they avoid conflicts of interest, which Evans allegedly did not do in this case, WaPo reported.

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