Article from Criminal Legal News by  Derek Gilna.

Journalist Michael Picard, who has previously recorded instances of police misconduct, was arrested by Connecticut state troopers on September 11, 2015, while he lawfully open carried a firearm and recorded their activities at a DUI checkpoint on his cell phone. However, after they confiscated his phone, the troopers continued to record, while conspiring to contrive a crime for which they could arrest the journalist.

According to Trooper First Class John Barone, Sergeant John Jacobi, and Trooper Jeff Jalbert, Picard was accused of recklessly displaying his firearm and endangering people. However, the facts show that he was holding a sign and recording, and never touched his gun during the entire incident.

The officers were upset that Picard was recording their activities on public property, which was completely legal, and that they could not intimidate him to stop filming, forcing them to take his property to assert their non-existent authority, and then contrive false charges to cover their misconduct.

Despite inadvertently recording evidence of their own ill-conceived cover-up, the troopers were cleared by their own department’s internal affairs division.. Police union attorney Mark Dumas said, ” They were exonerated. The trooper did nothing wrong. They were doing their jobs, and they do an excellent job.”

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Image Credit: By Jamelle Bouie [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons