Article from The Daily Wire by Ashe Schow.

On Tuesday, Blizzard announced that it was suspending Hong Kong Hearthstone player Ng “Blitzchung” Wai Chung after he voiced support for Hong Kong protesters during an interview with the official Taiwanese Hearthstone livestream after his last matchup. “Liberate Honk Kong, revolution of our age,” Blitzchung said after appearing on the stream wearing a gas mask.

Esports consultant and journalist Rod Breslau reported that the Chinese version of Blizzard’s statement included an “additional comment condemning blitzchung and defending ‘the pride of China.’”

Breslau then provided a translation of the additional comment, which was included in the statement posted on Weibo – essentially China’s version of Twitter.

“We are very angered and disappointed at what happened at the event and do not condone it in any way. We also highly object the spreading of personal political beliefs in this manner…We will always respect and defend the pride of our country,” the statement said, according to Breslau.

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