Article from The Daily Caller by Kevin Daley.

Justice Elena Kagan said concerns about the politicization of the Supreme Court are “overblown” Monday night, pushing back against suggestions that the court’s increasingly conservative personnel will strain public confidence in the judiciary.

Kagan told law students Monday at the University of California, Berkeley, not to despair over current conditions, even as she agreed the high court can best maintain public trust by searching for consensus and avoiding the appearance of partisanship.

“Does the fact that we live in a polarized world increase the responsibility of the court to think about these questions, to behave in a non-polarized fashion?” Kagan said. “I think it does. I think we have to understand the world we’re living in and try, to the extent we can, to find common ground, to try to the extent that we can to reach consensus, to try to the extent we can to see how the world looks from another point of view.”

Progressive anxieties about the court’s newly entrenched conservative majority were comprehensively expressed in an amicus (or “friend of the court”) brief Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island filed in a pending Second Amendment case.

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