Article from Town Hall by Timothy Meads.

In what was probably the most enjoyable book I’ve read on the subject, two economists drink their way through the “unfree world” to prove that socialism, well, sucks. Economists Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell traveled all around the world quaffing some of the world’s worst beer to prove that socialism “is an economic system that has led to more poverty, less freedom, and really, really bad beer for millions of people.” As you might have guessed — the more socialistic a country is, the worse the beer.

Lawson and Powell are sort of like the conservative version of the guys from Myth Busters. They’re nerdy and academic but overall seem like fun guys. They seem, well, like the kind of dudes you’d want to have a beer with. Their book, Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through The Unfree World, was published earlier this summer by Regnery Publishing.

“Let’s talk about the worst-case first. In Venezuela, they ran out of beer. The country ran out of beer. In fact, what happened is they have a monopoly producer essentially…that’s nominally private, but the government planners allocate foreign exchange,” Powell told interviewer Matt Kibbe.

Kibbe, friend and fellow capitalist, then interjects and says, “So on the other hand, I went to one of my favorite craft brewers, The Veil, and this is their session beer. It’s 4.4% lager. I suspect it’s lower ABV than even Polar. Man, that’s got a lot of flavor. And the beautiful thing about America, we’re in America now, so we can get any freaking beer we want.”

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Image Credit: Uri Tours ( [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons