Article from The Daily Caller by Chris White.

A nonprofit company behind efforts to target oil companies over global warming is allegedly skirting Maryland law, leaving the activist group open to serious financial penalties, according to a legal complaint the Daily Caller News Foundation obtained.

Climate Communications and Law (CCL) is in violation of Maryland laws governing where a nonprofit company can operate if it is registered in another area of the country, according to a complaint by Cleta Mitchell, an attorney at Wisconsin-based law firm Foley & Lardner. The complaint also explains the punishments CCL could receive.

“It is concerning to me that the organizations I work with try so hard to comply with the myriad regulations and legal requirements for all nonprofits, and this entity – which has ‘law’ in its name – appears to just thumb its nose at the laws that others work hard at complying with,” Mitchell told the DCNF after filing her complaint Tuesday. CCL is a type of shell group that backs environmental news outlets that target oil companies.

Her complaint asks Maryland’s Secretary of State John Wobensmith to hold CCL accountable for not registering as a foreign agent with the state. CCL, which filed articles of incorporation in Washington, D.C., on April 26, 2017, failed to maintain its corporate status in good standing in the district, so the district revoked the company’s status in May. CCL filed for reinstatement on Aug. 8.

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