Article from Reason by Christian Britschgi.

Over the weekend, entrepreneur and presidential long shot Yang rolled out a policy brief on zoning that calls for loosening restrictions on the construction of more homes in the country’s most productive cities.

“Housing is eating up more and more Americans’ budgets and making it impossible to get ahead,” said Yang. “If we relaxed zoning laws in certain areas it would enhance productivity and allow us to create many more affordable housing options.

Yang goes further by pointing the finger at existing homeowners for supporting the kinds of development restrictions that make housing so unaffordable for would-be homeowners.

“Those who already own homes have made it significantly harder for those who don’t to recognize that dream. Through NIMBY (not in my backyard) and zoning laws, the ability of new housing to be built in certain areas has been impeded to the point where the vast majority of Americans can’t afford to live in the largest cities,” reads his campaign website.

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