Article from The Daily Wire by Ashe Schow.

In late June, the University of Michigan announced it would investigate an incident of a “noose” found at a shared employee table at the university hospital. The investigation has since concluded that the “noose” wasn’t actually a noose but a “Uni Knot,” used for fishing. Someone had been practicing and merely left the rope on the table before chaos ensued.

Despite every “hate crime” claim in recent memory turning out to be some kind of hoax, university police jumped into action and school officials denounced racism. Dr. Marschall S. Runge, the dean of UM’s Medical School, announced that the school had “taken immediate action” to investigate the so-called noose.

“This act of hate violates all of the values that we hold dear and will not be tolerated,” Runge said in a statement obtained by Fox 6 News. She added that the noose was a “symbol of hate and discrimination.”

That was June 20. Nearly a month later, the University of Michigan’s Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS) concluded the “noose” was not a noose at all, but actually a practice knot.

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Image Credit: By Tony Webster [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons