Article from The Daily Wire by Amanda Prestigiacomo.

“Supporting my colleagues’ call on Senate Majority Leader to vote on H.R. 8, 1112 & 1158,” Omar pushed. “Every day on average 500 people die from gun violence. How many more lives will we let gun violence claim?”

In its review of Omar’s claim that 500 people are killed in the United States every day due to “gun violence,” PolitiFact admitted: “The actual figure is nowhere near that high.”

“Based on the latest federal figures, for 2017, the average per day was 109 — that’s counting deaths resulting from suicides, homicides, unintentional and undetermined deaths as well as those from law enforcement,” the partisan fact-checker said. “And it’s 100 if you use a five-year average for 2013 to 2017.”

“We rate Omar’s statement False.”

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