Article from Reason by Joe Setyon.

New Jersey senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker released a sweeping gun control plan today. Its most noteworthy aspect is a proposal that all prospective gun owners be required to obtain a federal license, which they’d have to renew every five years.

The plan also calls for bans on “assault weapons,” high-capacity magazines, and bump stocks (which President Donald Trump has already prohibited), as well as universal background checks and other measures.

Booker’s campaign compares buying a gun to driving a car, arguing that “just as a driver’s license demonstrates a person’s eligibility and proficiency to drive a car, a gun license demonstrates that a person is eligible and can meet certain basic safety and training standards necessary to own a gun.” Under Booker’s system, anyone who wants a gun would have to prove he or she has passed a gun safety course. In addition to giving information on their background, applicants would also submit fingerprints.

If approved, prospective gun buyers would be issued a license. “The license would be valid for up to five years before renewal with regular, automatic checks to flag non-compliance with license terms,” the proposal says. Under another part of the plan, no one would be able to buy more than one handgun a month, though this restriction presumably wouldn’t apply to rifles and shotguns.

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