Article from Reason by Eric Boehm.

Cauliflower rice is not rice—as the presence of the word “cauliflower” in the name would strongly suggest.

But lawmakers in Arkansas apparently don’t trust that their constituents have a firm grasp on the English language, because this week the state became the first to ban the use of the term “cauliflower rice” to describe a product that does not contain actual rice. Manufacturers selling “cauliflower rice” in Arkansas will be subject to a $1,000 fine for each supposedly mislabeled product.

“This law only affects people who want to deceive the public about how their food originated,” state Rep. David Hillman (R–Almyra) tellsthe Arkansas Democrat Gazette. “And if you’re not trying to deceive the public, this will not affect you or any of the outlets who sell these products.”

One wonders when the legislature will get around to protecting the public from the scourge of pineapples—which, shockingly, are neither pine nor apple—or peanut butter, which is not a butter and is derived from legumes, not nuts. And what are hamburgers if not an obvious attempt by the beef industry to deceive consumers into thinking they are eating patties made of salted, cured pork?

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Image Credit: Jeremy Keith from Brighton & Hove, United Kingdom [CC BY 2.0 (]