Article from Fox News by James MacPherson.

North Dakota’s Republican-led Legislature on Tuesday repealed the nation’s toughest Sunday business restrictions — rules that are rooted in religious tradition and that have been in place since statehood.

Senators voted 25-21 on the House bill repealing the ban on Sunday morning shopping. Republican Gov. Doug Burgum has supported the repeal and is expected to sign the bill. The repeal would take effect Aug. 1.

North Dakota has had “blue laws” restricting business on Sunday since it became a state in 1889. They stemmed from fears that visiting a retail store on Sunday morning would compete with church and leave little time for rest.

Fargo Republican Rep. Shannon Roers Jones, the bill’s primary sponsor, had made a push through social media to have constituents urge their senators, including her father, Fargo GOP Sen. Jim Roers, to vote for the bill. Jim Roers voted against the repeal in 2017 when it failed by just two votes. He said he personally didn’t like the idea of repealing the law but that he voted in favor of the bill Tuesday “because of my constituents, as well as my daughter.”

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Image Credit: By Marlith [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], from Wikimedia Commons