Article from Fox News by Fox News Staff.

Snowball fights are back on in a northern Colorado town, thanks to the efforts of 9-year-old Dane Best, who explained Wednesday on “Fox & Friends” why the “outdated law” needed to finally melt away.

As Fox News reported, Dane learned about the nearly 100-year-old ordinance last year and made it his mission to bring the measure up for a vote before the Severance town council.

Earlier this week, Dane delivered a Powerpoint presentation in support of the resolution and the resulting vote was unanimous to scrap the ban, which was not actually being enforced.

The mayor then allowed the third-grader to go outside and throw the ceremonial first snowball. He told Steve and Ainsley he is now focused on expanding a separate town ordinance on household pets.

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Image Credit: dbking [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons