03 Oct 2023

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Major Newspaper Endorses Libertarian Candidate
By Cellofellow (Gadsden_flag.svg) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Major Newspaper Endorses Libertarian Candidate 

Article from Reason by Matt Welch.

The Boston Globe today endorsed the Libertarian Party’s Dan Fishman for the position of Massachusetts state auditor, the office tasked with checking under the hood of government and rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse.

“It is rare for the Globe to back a candidate outside the two major parties, let alone the nominee of a party known for unconventional positions including decriminalizing recreational drugs, reinstating the gold standard, and repealing the income tax,” the paper editorialized. However, “Fishman would bring a sorely needed independent streak to the office. Give this Libertarian a shot.”

Fishman, a gregarious 51-year-old software engineer and regional director of the 2016 Gary Johnson/Bill Weld campaign, attracted notice in the race for his cheesy yet oddly compelling ad analogizing the auditor’s position to that of a football referee:

The candidate is a close ally and early endorsee of former Massachusetts governor and 2016 Libertarian vice presidential nominee Bill Weld. “I belabored Dan about the head and shoulders throughout 2016. I said, ‘You’ve got to run statewide,'” Weld recounted at the state Libertarian Party convention two weeks ago. “And he’s going to finish certainly no worse than second in that race, and maybe first.”

Read the entire article at Reason.

Image Credit: By Cellofellow (Gadsden_flag.svg) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Mathew Mok
Mathew Mok
4 years ago

Why are they always making the libertarians look like screwballs. The main thing they want is less government and more self reliance. What the hell is wrong with that?

We could use some of that in the clowns we, as Republicans, send to congress. In fact we could use a LOT of that in congress.

Sgt York
Sgt York
4 years ago

Is this finally a confession of just what MSM is actually backing and that’s a comminist Libertarian style of Government run by Communists? They are the real enemy we’re having to stand up to and do away with. Hitler would be so proud of them for the hate they produce.