Article from The Daily Wire by Emily Zanotti.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai appeared to confirm in an interview with Wired Monday night that Google is working on a search engine that complies with the Chinese government’s strict censorship guidelines — admitting that Google is working with a foreign government to keep information out of the hands of its citizens.

Rumors have been swirling about the project, code-named “Dragonfly,” for weeks, putting Google employees and tech freedom advocates on edge. After all, Google pledged to “do no evil,” as part of company policy, and a search engine that complies with Chinese edicts would fall well short of that promise.

Google was booted from the Chinese market more than a decade ago over the Chinese government’s concerns that a global search engine could allow its closely guarded population to access outside news sources and communicate with people in freer countries. China’s Internet already features censorship-compliant, copycat versions of Twitter and Amazon, and China has its own, heavily monitored search engine service.

But, The Washington Post reports, Pichal noted Monday night that Google is close to having a product that would allow to re-enter the Chinese market: a search engine that complies with China’s censorship rules 99% of the time.

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