Article from Reason by Lenore Skenazy.

A Minnesota mom whose 10-month-old son was taken from her by child protective services because she didn’t stick around the hospital for a second opinion on his cough finally regained custody—four months and six court dates later. The judge ruled that the nurse who claimed Amanda Weber’s actions left her child, Zayvion, in “danger of dying,” had engaged in “disinformation.”

It all started in May when Weber brought Zayvion to Children’s Hospital for a cough. Doctors determined Zayvion was fine and stable, and after a long wait for another doctor, Weber wanted to go home and signed that she was leaving against medical advice. The next day, Zayvion was immediately taken away by CPS for medical neglect.

After Zayvion was taken, Weber began her fight to get him back. The county declared that Weber had deprived her son of necessary medical care. Weber denied this, asserting that both the social worker and a doctor on the case had acted “in bad faith and with malice.”

Last week, Judge Leonard Weiler agreed. He ruled there was zero evidence of medical neglect on the mom’s part, and that she had acted within her rights in taking Zayvion home.

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