Article from The Daily Wire by Emily Zanotti.

Having solved crippling homelessness, cleaned its streets, and driven down the cost of housing in the Bay Area, the city of San Francisco has moved to tackle the real challenge facing the tech-centric city: free lunch.

According to CBS News, the city is considering “new legislation to end free lunch,” on the theory that San Francisco restaurants are failing not because tourists and city-dwellers have to step over piles of used needles and 20-pound bags of human feces littering its sidewalks, but because tech companies offer free meals to their employees and thus San Francisco workers don’t patronize local joints on their lunch hour.

“We see thousands of employees in a block radius that don’t go out to lunch and don’t go out in support of restaurants every day, because they don’t have to,“ one restaurant owner told CBS. He also said that the only time he sees lunch traffic is when a local payment startup, Square, closes its company cafeteria.

“You can’t compete with free. Free food is a wonderful amenity but doesn’t do anything to extend the community around it,” he added

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