Article from the Louisville Courier-Journal by Thomas Novelly.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul is a big fan of the spontaneous meeting between President Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian West.

In a tweet late Wednesday night, Paul said he was happy to see Kardashian West and Trump tackle an issue that he’s personally passionate about, prison reform.

“I applaud the attention that criminal justice reform is getting from @KimKardashian and @realDonaldTrump,” the tweet said. “The system is broken. Much remains to be done in a bipartisan way! Let’s make it happen.”

Paul has tried numerous times to push bills relating to criminal justice reform, and in 2014 he testified in front of the Kentucky legislature to support the restoration of voting rights for certain non-violent felons.

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Image Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Rand Paul) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons