Article from Reason by Christian Britschgi.

When California Gov. Jerry Brown was defending SB 1—last year’s transportation funding package, which included $5.4 billion in annual gas tax and vehicle registration fee increases—he had an uncharitable term for his opponents: freeloaders.

“The freeloaders—I’ve had enough of them,” he said at an Orange County event. “Roads require money to fix.” The state was strapped for cash, he argued; drivers needed to pay up, lest the roads and highways devolve into gravel paths.

That argument didn’t carry much water then, given that Golden State motorists were already paying some of the highest gas taxes in the nation. It certainly doesn’t carry much water now that we have a firmer picture of where this new money is going.

On Thursday, the state’s Transportation Agency announced grant recipients for some $2.6 billion of the transit funding raised by SB 1. The awards include $28.6 million for 40 zero-emission buses in Anaheim and $40.5 million for light-rail vehicles in Sacramento. Los Angeles snagged $330 million to build out its rail transit network in preparation for the 2028 Olympics.

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